Houston Rhinoplasty Testimonials
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Houston Rhinoplasty Testimonials

Rhinoplasty Testimonials for Timeless Plastic Surgery

:::S.G. Rhinoplasty

I am EXCEPTIONALLY happy with my results. I’ve been getting such sweet compliments! I chose Dr. Chang because I was referred to him. I cannot remember much from my anesthesia experience. The staff made me feel safe, secure, in great hands, and comfortable!

::: N.K. Rhinoplasty

I’m extremely happy with the outcome… I never imagined my nose being different than what I was born with but not satisfied with having. Dr. Chang made it possible, and I felt really comfortable in the consultation. I chose Dr. Chang because I went to several doctor consultations and was the most confident in what he could do for me. The staff was very prompt in answering all of my questions every single time I called the office. My anesthesia experience was fine, and I woke up before I even knew it! I’m glad I proceeded with surgery, and now I am happier than ever. I am no longer self-conscious about my nose. When I look at myself in the mirror, I am happy with the girl looking back at me.


For the longest time, I have always known that I wanted a rhinoplasty procedure to correct some imperfections I observed throughout my awkward middle school/high school years. I grew out of everything, but my nose stayed the same. Meeting Dr.Chang and knowing I was in good hands with the TPS staff, made my decision easier when deciding yes to have the surgery. I could not be happier with my results. It was a few subtle changes that made all the difference to me. Dr.Chang went off of my natural features and I look like the person I always dreamed of seeing in the mirror. I knew I wanted Dr. Peter Chang as my doctor from the moment I shook his hand. His presence and knowledge won me over. He was very hands on and instantly made me feel comfortable about my decision to have the procedure done. I love the staff here at TPS. They are all so kind and patient. I was nervous the morning of surgery. If it had not been for them calming my nerves-assuring me that everything was safe and that I was in good hands. This was my first time every being under any sort of anesthesia. The anesthesia experience was easy. I never experienced any nausea afterwards and I transitioned well from the anesthesia to pain medications without any physical pain. I have gained a new confidence that I never had before and I can honestly say that it is thanks to the wonderful job Dr.Chang and the Timeless Plastic Surgery staff performed.


I am very satisfied with my results. I was referred by a friend to see Dr.Chang. My anesthesia experience went great! The staff members were accommodating and friendly.

Revision Rhinoplasty

I am very happy with my results. I would come back if I have anything else I want to change. I had seen good results on other patients. The staff made me feel comfortable.

::: MM - Rhinoplasty / Septoplasty

My results turned out great and I am very satisfied with the outcome! The overall surgery experience was good. The staff made me feel very relaxed during my surgery. Dr. Chang did a great job with making me feel comfortable.

::: CO- Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation, Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Lift)

I am extremely happy with my results, I am enjoying the changes and feel more confident! I made a great decision to make these changes with Dr. Chang...I love that the staff are patient and forthcoming with their first hand knowledge... I chose Dr.Chang as my surgeon because of the patient testimonials, his honesty, and the staff.

::: JF - Rhinoplasty

I am very, very happy with my results. I feel more confident and love my profile! The staff made me feel very calm and at ease; answered all of my questions and was very responsive to my needs. I did not have any side effects with anesthesia. I heard good things about Dr. Chang from former patients and felt that I could trust him to get the results I wanted.

::: JF - Rhinoplasty

I couldn’t have asked for or imagined better results. My nose is perfectly symmetrical and defined. I have more confidence and look much better that no one can tell exactly what I had done because it looks so natural… During my consultation, Dr. Chang answered all of my questions and explained everything to me so thoroughly. I knew I could trust his knowledge and skill. Plus he was very kind and humorous… The staff comforted and reassured me. One of the staff shared their rhinoplasty experience that they had by Dr. Chang and by hearing this is comforted me even more about my surgery. Everyone was so kind and all of my questions were answered… My anesthesia experience was a breeze. I was nervous because I have never been under IV sedation but now I prefer it! I never felt groggy or "heavy headed". Thank you so much Dr. Chang for my results and experience.

::: J.N - Rhinoplasty

I am very satisfied with my results. I am more confident about my appearance…Dr.Chang’s staff members are courteous and understanding…I had no issues with my anesthesia experience…I found Dr.Chang through his billboard displayed.

::: AS- Rhinoplasty

I am very happy with my results. The result turned out the exact way I wanted it. I feel more confident and I can breathe a lot better. I believe I made the best decision! Thank you Dr.Chang and team!...I felt very assured that everything would turn out great before and after surgery. I knew that the wonderful staff would be there at any time to help…I had no problems during my anesthesia experience…I chose Dr.Chang because he is a very detailed surgeon and has an exceptionally wonderful and caring team with him. I would recommend him to anyone!

::: RA- Rhinoplasty

I am extremely happy with the results and the attention to detail from Dr. Chang and his staff. My nose has given me confidence and made me comfortable in front of the camera and not worried about my profile. I feel more confident also at work when talking to people, which is a very important part of my job...My anesthesia experience was great; one moment I was talking, the next I was dreaming and then I remember the staff carefully laid me down and then I was home...I appreciate the staff's honesty, sincerity and the flexibility with my schedule...I chose Dr.Chang as my surgeon because of his great reviews, credentials and his personality.

::: IG- Rhinoplasty

I am very happy and satisfied with the results. I couldn't have chosen a better Doctor. Thank you Dr.Chang, you really are good at what you do. I haven't felt more happier and confident until now...The staff was very friendly and made me feel comfortable and welcomed. They were also very helpful...I chose Dr.Chang as my surgeon because he answered any question I had and very friendly . I was really comfortable with him. He was very professional during the entire process...My anesthesia experience was great, when I woke up I didn't feel any pain

::: AJ- Rhinoplasty

I couldn't be happier with the results. I am very pleased with my overall experience and my life has changed in a positive way. I am no longer self conscious of my appearance or have the pain from before, which is relieving and comforting. I highly recommend Timeless Plastic Surgery for many reasons; perfection, personal care, price, and experience!...I appreciate that Dr.Chang is an artist and perfectionist. He takes his time, is thorough, and clearly understands what you want and need...The staff are all very friendly, courteous and make the patient top priority. They tend to your needs over their own, which is hard to find in a practice these days! They make you a part of their family and it shows they care...Thank you Dr.Chang

::: JN-Rhinoplasty

Very happy with my results, my surgery has helped with my self confidence and self esteem...The staff are very kind, caring, and considerate of my every need...I chose Dr.Chang as my surgeon because of his before/after pictures and testimonials on his website and Internet searches...I did not have any problems or side effects from my anesthesia...Thank you Dr.Chang.

::: AM-Rhinoplasty

Very friendly and helpful...I chose Dr.Chang as my surgeon because he is very knowledgeable...I am very happy with my results, I have more confidence.

::: CJ- Rhinoplasty with vaginal rejuvenation (labiaplasty)

I have received a lot more compliments and I feel much better about myself. I am very, very, very, very happy...My anesthesia experience was great, I didn't feel a thing!...My whole surgery experience went above my expectations...Dr.Chang was very competent and he smiled all the time, which made me feel comfortable. Thank you all!

::: JP- Rhinoplasty

I am very happy with my results. It made a lot of difference in my breathing and I can rest better at night and I have a better appearance… Everything was professional.

::: FG- Rhinoplasty

Mi experiencia en mi sirujua pues estuvo todo perfecto desde el empieso asta en el proseso en que me encuentro. Especial mente en la persona que me atendio en mi propio idioma muy amable y muy profesional y el cirujano que tiene algo muy especial que lo atiende a uno con perfectas atenciones que lo asen sentir a uno como familia estoy agradesido con ustedes y y me siento feliz con mi cirujia gracias!
My experience with my surgery was perfect from the beginning until now, especially from the person who helped me in my own language. She was very helpful and professional. The surgeon has something special; he shows attention and makes you feel like family. I am grateful for the staff and feel happy with my surgery. Thank you!

::: CO- Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation, Blepharoplasty

I am extremely happy with my results; I am enjoying the changes and feel more confident! I made a great decision to make these changes with Dr. Chang...I love that the staff are patient and forthcoming with their first hand knowledge... I chose Dr.Chang as my surgeon because of the patient testimonials, his honesty, and the staff.

::: MB- Rhinoplasty

Everyone was so nice and welcoming... I love the staff. I am very happy with the results, my nose now fits my profile and I feel more comfortable... Dr.Chang did a great job.

::: RR- Rhinoplasty

I am very happy and satisfied. Dr. Chang took extra good care of me post-surgery. I feel more confident and mature with myself, I would not have chosen any other doctor…I really appreciate the friendliness, professionalism, and overall care. The front desk staff speak very well, very professional, and genuinely friendly... I chose Dr. Chang as my surgeon because he is knowledgeable, patient, and he truly cares... Highly recommend!

::: MP- Rhinoplasty

I am very happy with my results, Dr. Chang's work is amazing!...Friendly and helpful staff... I chose Dr. Chang as my surgeon because of his expertise and personality... my anesthesia experience was awesome!

::: VG- Rhinoplasty

I'm very pleased with the results. I no longer feel the need to hide or cover any part of my face. My after pictures look great and I feel confident about myself, which makes me really happy...The qualities that I appreciate the most would be their friendliness and how comfortable I felt... I chose Dr. Chang as my surgeon because he was knowledgeable about the procedure and made me feel comfortable...My anesthesia experience was great before and after.

::: IS - Rhinoplasty

Very friendly and professional staff... they work with you in a timely and courteous manner... I chose Dr. Chang first because of the testimonials from other patients. All of the patients loved Dr. Chang.
He also made me feel very comfortable about sensitive issues... When I look at my "before and after" pictures, I am really happy I made the decision to have surgery. I should have done it years ago. I think it is very important to feel good about yourself because it plays a huge part in how you lead your life. Thank you very much!!

::: RG - Rhinoplasty

The really appreciate how nice everyone was and how they care about what I wanted and needed... I chose Dr. Chang as my surgeon because he seemed very professional, along with the staff! Everyone is great and I completely trust them with my procedure... My surgery experience was amazing, I didn't feel anything and it was over before I knew it. They did everything so easy. I'd have no problem doing it again!... I'm very happy with my nose surgery. Dr. Chang did an amazing job. I love taking pictures of my profile now. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't have any problem coming back for another procedure! Thank you to everyone, you all are great!!

::: SA - Rhinoplasty

Dr. Peter Chang, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for exceeding my expectations.

::: AS - Rhinoplasty

Dr. Chang made a big difference in my appearance.  I have more confidence about myself.  Dr. Chang gave me a great looking nose that blends with the rest of my face.  I definitely will recommend Dr. Chang to my friends and family.

::: CS - Rhinoplasty

I love the results.  I have wanted this procedure (rhinoplasty) for many years and I wish I would have done this many years ago.  I love Dr. Chang and all his staff.  They were very comforting during my surgery especially Pearl.  They are all awesome.  I feel like a new woman.  I feel more confident about myself.  I would definitely recommend this procedure and Dr. Chang to anyone.  My advice to future patients is to visit with your doctor, make sure to do research and let him know all your concerns. If he is a good doctor like Dr. Chang he will listen and you will love the results!

::: CO - Face Lift, Rhinoplasty, Liposuction

Dear Dr. Chang,
It is almost 2 months ago that I trusted you to do my face and eye lifts. I want to thank you for the 1st class treatment and assurance that I received from you and your staff before my procedure. Then, I thank you for my new “ME.” This is more than a surgical procedure. This is a rebirth of myself. My results almost scared me- then I remembered- this is what I wanted; to look 10 to 15 yrs younger. I can handle it! I started to adjust to a youthful attitude to match my new face. I am, as you know, 54 years old. Now I am told that I look 39 yrs by my daughter and husband. Others look at me with amazement. More importantly, I feel great. I do not spend much time putting on my makeup. I actually go places without make-up or I dab on a little. I am very, very happy and would ask everyone who has doubts to simply get to meet you and talk to you on a consultation basis. Then, I would ask them to compare you with others. I would ask them to trust their instincts and go with their feelings. Dr. Chang, you leave no stone unturned. You called me at home; you gave us your cell phone number. I can ask you any questions. You are very caring, kind and knowledgeable about your field. You are a great doctor, and I recommend you to anyone who wants the best result with great assurance. Thank you so very much.

::: MB - Rhinoplasty

I have never felt more comfortable in a doctor's office! This place is AWESOME! And Dr. Chang does AMAZING work! I'm definitely going back for more surgery in the future."


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